What We Do

Hong Kong Photography Workshop provides English photography classes and private workshops for beginner and advanced amateur photographers.

Our mission is to make great pictures accessible to anyone with a camera and a love for photography.

Our Flagship Photography Class

Photography 101

Beginners’ Photography Class

Over 7 years running, Photography 101 is a condensed photography class for beginners looking to better understand how to take great looking photographs.

You’ll learn the most important camera settings and how to apply them for the most creative effects – sharp subjects with blurry backgrounds or long exposure motion blur.

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Photography 101

Photography 101 is a beginners’ photography class for beginners covering camera settings and applying them for blurry backgrounds and motion blur.

Photography 102

Photography 102 is a fun and interactive photography class for beginner to intermediate photographers with a particular focus on practical insight, photo critique and identifying “what makes a good photo”.

Street Photography

Explore the streets of Hong Kong for a half-day of shooting while learning new techniques and experimenting more creatively with composition.

Night Photography

Our workshop “Neon Nightcrawlers” workshop will take you to the iconic streets of Tsim Sha Tsui at night to explore new techniques and experimenting more creatively with composition.

Intro to Lightroom

An intro to organizing and editing your photos using Adobe Lightroom. The class caters to photographers with limited or no knowledge in post-processing or editing.

Private Photography Lessons

1-on-1 instruction customized to your skill level and individual learning pace – from complete beginners looking to better understand how to take great looking photographs, to intermediate shooters looking to hone specific techniques.

What Our Students Say?

After hours of mindlessly googling and watching tutorials, not really knowing what to focus on – I learned the most important elements to manual shooting in the first 15 minutes of this workshop, and actually understood them.

Stefani, January 2017

The night of the class I dreamed of F-stops. Really. And For the first time they made sense. I understand the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO and how they all combine to produce great photos. It was such a useful and engaging class. Ken’s a natural teacher. Now I can’t wait to go out, practice and get this drummed into my head.

David, July 2015

What was confusing or completely nonsensical before made sense afterwards. My “EUREKA!” moment came in the 20 minutes we spent outside, trying out the newly learned settings. Brilliant!

Iris, August 2012

Our History

Hong Kong Photography Workshop started in 2011 with our first Photography 101 class taught at our former Wanchai studio on Ship Street. Our goal was to make taking great photos accessible to everyone. We wholeheartedly believe that camera manuals suck, and that you can learn far more from just a few hours with good photography instructors than you can from weeks in trying to learn on your own.

Today, nearly all of our classes are taught at our Central photography studio located at Unit 602, 15 Queen Victoria Street. Our blog posts answers to some of the more common questions for photographers starting out in Hong Kong.