Buying 35mm camera film in Hong Kong

23 Mar 2016

Buying 35mm camera film in Hong Kong

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I finally bought my first used film SLR camera at Champagne Court, and along with it a few rolls of B&W film. I wasn’t able to easily find a list of 35mm film stores or pricing, so I’ll keep a running list here:

Chung Pui Photo Supplies, 44 Stanley Street, Central (pictured above)
Ilford Delta Pro 400, HK$52 as of March 2016
Ilford HP5 Plus, HK$52 as of March 2016
Kodak Portra 400,HK$69 as of March 2016

image playground Camera Shop, 3/F, 11 Queen Victoria Street, Central
Ilford Delta Pro 400, HK$55 as of March 2016
Kodak Portra 400,HK$67 as of March 2016

I’ve also seen Dot-Well Photo Workshop in Tsim Sha Tsui (just outside the used camera mall) mentioned on various other websites, so I was excited to go but the woman at the film counter had a bit of an attitude problem (one of my avid film shooter students had the exact same experience). This place presumably has a long history in Hong Kong which I can respect, but I can’t recommend them – if you go anyways, beware the film counter nazi.

If you have any submissions on film prices in Hong Kong, feel free to submit it in the comments.

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  1. Lol. Yeah the woman with glasses in dotwell. She’s just like that. I think dotwell is not bad as a street shop. Fast and cheap. While really professional labs are expensive and it takes like one week to deliver, but better results.

    Thanks for the mentioned stores in Central! Hope they are still there 🙂

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