Buying 35mm camera film in Hong Kong

23 Mar 2016

Buying 35mm camera film in Hong Kong

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I finally bought my first used film SLR camera at Champagne Court, and along with it a few rolls of B&W film. I wasn’t able to easily find a list of 35mm film stores or pricing, so I’ll keep a running list here:

Chung Pui Photo Supplies, 44 Stanley Street, Central (pictured above)
Ilford Delta Pro 400, HK$52 as of March 2016
Ilford HP5 Plus, HK$52 as of March 2016
Kodak Portra 400,HK$69 as of March 2016

image playground Camera Shop, 3/F, 11 Queen Victoria Street, Central
Ilford Delta Pro 400, HK$55 as of March 2016
Kodak Portra 400,HK$67 as of March 2016

I’ve also seen Dot-Well Photo Workshop in Tsim Sha Tsui (just outside the used camera mall) mentioned on various other websites, so I was excited to go but the woman at the film counter had a bit of an attitude problem (one of my avid film shooter students had the exact same experience). This place presumably has a long history in Hong Kong which I can respect, but I can’t recommend them – if you go anyways, beware the film counter nazi.

If you have any submissions on film prices in Hong Kong, feel free to submit it in the comments.

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