Camera stores in Hong Kong

14 Sep 2011

Camera stores in Hong Kong

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old cameras at the Ap Liu street flea market

In the years that I’ve lived in Hong Kong, I’ve bought loads and loads of equipment here including my first DSLR camera. Shopping amongst all the camera shops for equipment in Hong Kong can be a confusing experience. There are so many shops with a wide range of pricing and customer service.

Here is how I look at the different types of Hong Kong’s camera shops and electronics districts:

Computer Malls
Examples: Wan Chai Computer Centre, Mong Kok Computer Centre.
The large handful of small camera stores nestled within the computer malls tend to have some of the lowest pricing for camera bodies and lenses. Staff usually includes pubescent teenage boys with dyed hair, or apathetic, surly old men – usually both. At any given time of day they are likely to have a takeout rice box in front of them. Needless to say, shopping here is not for the faint of heart. That being said, if you already know what you want, you might be able to save at least a couple hundred HK bucks by buying here versus some of the larger camera stores in Hong Kong. I recommend the following when shopping at these stores:

  • knowing what you want, getting a few differences prices at stores within the same mall, and most importantly knowing your price (more on this in a separate blog post)
  • knowing what warranty you are getting (more on this in a separate blog post)
  • inspecting equipment: checking if gear looks new, lenses autofocus and work at different apertures, serial numbers match the box and the warranty certificate
  • paying in cash, credit cards usually require a 2-3% fee. Sometimes you can get away with paying in EPS without additional charge but don’t count on it.

If you are wishy-washy in what you want or appear like you are seeking advice, they will likely start to upsell you on third-party extras like camera bags, batteries, memory cards, or lens filters that you either don’t need or are better off buying separately anyways (I am 99% sure that that is where stores like these make all their margins).


Larger camera specialty shops
Examples: Tin Cheung, DC Fever, Cam2, to some extent the stores on Central’s Stanley Street.
These stores are the closest retail outlet to New York’s B&H and Adorama that Hong Kong has to offer. Although not quite the same “SuperStore” experience, stores like Tin Cheung and DC Fever offer respectable store showrooms (usually with 2-3 store locations in HK), decent inventory stock and reliable customer service. I prefer these stores for hassle free shopping (particularly when I am buying less expensive equipment in the HK$500-$2000 range where the price difference from the computer malls is not as drastic), and I highly recommend them for the less experienced buyer that values a less biased sales opinion. A bit of an outlier is Stanley Street in Central, with stores run more like a “mom and pop” which I know less about but categorize with stores like Tin Cheung and DC Fever. Prices here are never the cheapest overall in HK but from just walking in and out quite often they always seem to be polite in handling the dozens of tourist customers that must go in and out of their stores everyday.


Electronics retailers
Examples: Broadway, Fortress, Citicall.
These stores remind me of the big box electronics stores in the US like Best Buy and Circuit City – non-nerdy sales staff and inflated pricing. In fact they likely have some of the highest camera pricing of all the camera shops discussed in this blog post – somewhere in the area of HK$500-$1000 more than computer malls for entry-level DSLRs.

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  2. onur

    where can i buy online a sony nex*5n or nex-6 device from hongkong singapore or taiwan online web sites and offering international shipping.

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  4. Roger Smith

    I tried to buy a camera. I was very specific about what I wanted. They swapped another (broken) camera into the bag at the point of sale. When I went back to exchange it, they did the same thing. Serious criminal fraudsters, here:

    Ideal Digital
    Shop No. 39, G/F,
    97A Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
    Kowloon, Hong Kong

  5. edward sludden

    I was charged 90 hong kong dollars to download photos from my camera to cd. When I got back to the uk 900 HK dollars !!! yes 900 HKdollars had been taken from my card. The shop is signed IDEAL DIGITAL with a CANON sign and is located at ;
    97a Nathan Road
    Hong Kong
    These people are serious fraudsters and the shop should be avoided at all costs.
    November 2013

  6. I am not in HK but have heard that it’s a photographer’s paradise in terms of used equipment especially. I am looking for a rare Voigtlander SL 125mm f2.5 APO lens for Nikon mount in mint condition and have always been pointed over to HK somehow. Traveling to HK is not possible for now but I wanted to know if someone there could help me out in locating one, in a camera market most likely. I know it might be too much to ask for but that’s the only option I have right now. Is it somehow possible ?

    Faisal` .

    1. Ken

      Faisal – you might want to try contacting someone on the used gear forums on use google translate to view the Chinese. cheers

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  8. Alberto Nieto

    Another claim for IDEAL DIGITAL. I wanted a Canon 700D, when I had a deal, I paid, then another seller appeared and started to speak to me about another camera (Eos Rebel T5). I told him, ok give me back my money because I need time to think. They started to speak in chinese, looking me with comtempt, but nobody there gave back my money. And like a stupid boy i bought the rebel T5.

    When I came back to my hotel I saw the prices in internet, and came back to the shop, asking about to change for the camera that I wanted at first. Everybody disappeared and only the boss spoke with me. He only said I don´t trust in internet, and I m not going to change your camera.

    At the end I bought the rebel T5 at the same price than in Europe, while with the canon 700D i saved more than 100 euros. Liars and bad people. Don´t trust in them, better don´t buy in this shop!!

    Ideal Digital
    Shop No. 39, G/F,
    97A Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
    Kowloon, Hong Kong

  9. jinesh shah

    Hi I want to know were in hong kong there is market to sell lens like Dallmeyer ,Cooke Lens. Need good shop. Thanx!

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