Kenneth Lim

Born and raised in New York City, Kenneth’s journey with photography began at Brown University where he had aspirations to become a private banker for the Wu-Tang Clan. He interned with VIBE magazine and an investment bank – a firm he later joined full-time. Wall Street lead him to Hong Kong, where he eventually left finance to travel and pursue his love for photography.

Kenneth founded the Hong Kong Photography Workshop in 2011 and has taught over 900 students through photography classes, corporate events and international school workshops. Kenneth is a professional portrait and wedding photographer based in Hong Kong, and a father of two.

Kenneth leads the Photography 101, Intro To Lightroom and Private Lessons workshops.

Instagram: @kennethlimphoto
Facebook: kennethlimphotography
Twitter: @kennethlimphoto

Michael Kistler

Michael Kistler is a Hong Kong artist specializing in fine art urban photography and photography education. Originally from Minneapolis, he lived in Tokyo for 10 years before moving to Hong Kong in 2014.

A signature element in his work is the often abstract human element and its connection to the city; the urban landscape and its structures provide permanence while people come and go, creating a dynamic environment of fleeting moments. He is constantly searching for and exploring unconventional perspectives and unique moments where people and the urban landscape collide, merge and co-exist.

In addition to having his work exhibited in Tokyo, NYC, Astoria, Minneapolis, London, Dublin, Porto and Hong Kong, Michael offers urban photography courses regularly in Hong Kong and is co­-founder of Finding Yourself in the Streets, a series of international street photography workshops. Michael has conducted workshops in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Dubai, Minneapolis and Yangon.

Michael leads the The Colour and the Shape and Neon Nightcrawlers workshops.

Instagram: @mdkistler

Garry Chung

Garry Chung was born and raised in UK and has been working as a freelance photographer for over 8 years. Garry’s photography career has taken him around the world, photographing wedding and commercial assignments across Asia and Europe. He has been a speaker at photography conferences and is an author on Digital Photography School (DPS), one of the most popular websites for photography education. He has a great passion for both photography and teaching, while keeping it fun and easy to understand.

Garry leads the Photography 102 workshop.

Instagram: @gazza_photo

Joseph Anthony

Joseph Anthony is an award winning I AM NIKON photographer featured in the following Asia wide campaign to represent and promote one of their new flagship lenses while on assignment.

His work has appeared in large format advertising campaigns, appeared on TV, published and featured by numerous magazines including Africa Geographic Magazine, National Wildlife Federation Magazine, Wild Planet Photo Magazine, Wildlife Photographic Magazine, National Geographic, Nikon Asia and CNN . His last book, entitled “City to Wilderness | Wildlife” was published in conjunction with exhibits in London and Singapore. Most recently Joe has been working with a charity to publish a new book on endangered cats and conservation/habitat protection awareness. Joe is also a wildlife photography instructor and encourages a mindfulness approach to photography.

Instagram: @joeair17
Facebook: truetolifephotography