Photography Coaching

Personal training for your photography

Custom Lessons

Lesson plans targeting your unique photography goals


Learn at your pace

Online or in-person

Online via Skype or in our studio in Central, Hong Kong

Class length

Each session is 1 hour



Photography Coaching is the most custom-tailored way to improve your photography – think of it as a personal training regime for your vision and technique. By regularly meeting for a 1-on-1 session, you will continue to build on your progress and avoid the “plateau” that happens when you aren’t able to hone your craft consistently. 

A typical first session would involve: discussing your photos, identifying your goals, and beginning to map out a lesson plan. Whether you want to better prepare for shooting your next trip or you simply want to nail your next group family photo – this is when we would discuss your objectives. We would also outline a schedule (eg. every 1st Monday of the month) for your sessions. 

Sessions can be done in our studio in Central or online via Skype if you are busy or traveling. You will have customized lessons and assignments based specifically on what you want to learn and what your goals are. We would track your achievements and form a realistic timeframe towards shooting work that you can be proud to share and publish on social media.

Potential Topics

– mastering manual settings for depth of field/motion blur
– composition and storytelling
– seeing and understanding lighting
– planning and executing your next photoshoot
– photo critique
– reviewing the masters
– editing and post-processing
– equipment recommendations

About the instructor

Born and raised in New York City, Kenneth’s journey with photography began at Brown University where he had aspirations to become a private banker for the Wu-Tang Clan. He interned with VIBE magazine and an investment bank – a firm he later joined full-time. Wall Street lead him to Hong Kong, where he eventually left finance after 5 years to travel and pursue his love for photography. Kenneth founded the Hong Kong Photography Workshop and has taught over 800 students through photography classes, corporate events and international school workshops. Kenneth is a professional portrait and wedding photographer based in Hong Kong, and a father of two.


Book your sessions by credit card via PayPal or by bank transfer.

Trial session*

HKD 1180

1 x 1-hour session
*Creditable towards a 6 or 12-month package

6 months

HKD 5980

6 x 1-hour sessions, once per month

12 months

HKD 9880

12 x 1-hour sessions, once per month